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When is the right time to start a skincare routine?

When is the right time to start a skincare routine? - Petite Skin Co.

Even though we are a skincare business, we like to think we're pretty objective when it comes to what is necessary for our pre-teen children. As you may already know, we have 4 daughters between us, ages 8 and 10, so we're right alongside you when it comes to this parenthood journey.

We think skincare for tweens is so important and self care is something we encourage them to think about every day.

Petite Skin Co. was in fact inspired by the need for age appropriate skincare for our own children and the changes they were experiencing with their skin. When we looked for products that we felt ticked all our boxes and came up empty handed, we felt there might be other parents in the same position.

Petite Skin Co. was created from necessity, because our own children, aged 5 and 7 at the time, were already experiencing breakouts, black heads and congestion.

In the past year we've heard from so many parents that have been relieved to have a safe, gentle option to introduce their child to skincare. We'd love to share some of the main reasons our customers have decided it's the right time to start their child on a skincare routine. Perhaps it will help you decide if your child is ready?

Building Good Skin Habits

Whether your parents introduced you to skincare early or they didn't and that was an issue in itself, many of our customers want their children to have a positive first experience with skincare in the hopes of building good skin habits for life. Our products are perfect for this as they don't contain any active ingredients and are the same PH as tap water. So while they're learning and experimenting, you will never have to worry about their skin being over-stripped, damaged or affected by harsh ingredients in any way.

Sunscreen needs to be worn, but it also needs to be removed.

Wearing Sunscreen daily is THE MOST important good skin habit, but it's also one skincare product that can cause breakouts and congestion if it's not removed properly. Going to bed with a clean face is paramount and removing your sunscreen each night will ensure your skin stays smooth, bright and clear.

Children are going through puberty earlier

Which means many 7-12 year olds are experiencing skin issues usually reserved for the teen years. Instead of reaching for acne treatments, start with good skin hygiene practices. Cleansing and Moisturising twice a day will most likely keep early pimples and acne under control and you may only need a spot treatment for any active breakouts.

 Less skin issues throughout their teens

Learning about correct cleansing techniques and understanding the benefits of a skincare routine while young, will no doubt lead to better skin through your teens. Of course, hormones and other factors can play a role but for the breakouts caused by oil, dirt and bacteria, a consistent skincare routine will be your best defence. Establish the daily habits now and they'll be an expert by the time those teen years arrive!

Whatever your reason for starting your child on a skincare routine is, we can assure you that they will be excited from the moment their parcel arrives! After all, if they're having fun, that's the first step in building those wonderful good skin habits!

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