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Starter Kit
From my daughter herself

She loves the foamy feel and the smell of the lotion

Beautiful packaging

I haven't given it to my daughter yet but it arrived promptly and the packaging was gorgeous. I can't wait for her to open it.

Fabulous products and gorgeously presented!

Very much recommend these products! Thank you for making conscious skincare that is gentle on young skin. I was impressed as soon as it was quickly delivered in the dreamy packaging! My daughters, 12 and 10, have been using Petite Skin Co. cleanser and lotion for a couple of weeks now and it is working wonders. Before using your products my eldest had some inflamed and flaky dry patches around the corners of her nose. This redness wouldn't budge even with all sorts of medicated creams and potions. Your products have helped to soothe and notably reduce this area to almost nothing. She is thrilled! Both girls are enjoying having a skin care routine that is simple and uncomplicated and I am so pleased these are made using natural ingredients specifically for their young skin. Thank you for allowing kids to still be kids.


My daughter is loving it.
The nozzle is not working great but we will still use it

Amazing products, attractive to young users

The packing and designs of the cleaner and moisturizer are attractive the kids, such a lightweight cleaner and the pump is easier to dispense products. Love the moisturizer too, non oily and easy to absorb for the young users. I am secretly stealing their products to use!

My daughter 9 is so happy with the results. She has started to get little breakouts but after a week of petite skin she is so happy with her smooth skin xx

Soft and smooth

My daughter loves her products. Her skin is so soft and smooth and smells delicious!

Face Cleanser & Moisturizer

Purchased for my nearly 10 year old daughter. She has very oily skin and has little pimples on forehead, both these products are slowly clearing her forehead. She is utilising morning and night for the past three weeks. Heres to hoping it clears completely :)
She loves the smell also!!

Starter Kit
Great stuff!

My 10yo daughter loves this stuff and has got her into routine of cleansing and moisturising every night. Totally recommend!

Face cleanser and Moisturizer

Great products for my two young girls - the moisturizer is hard to get out of the bottle though....maybe a tube you can squeeze out would be better..? Love the smell of both products.

Amazing products πŸ’œ

My daughter is absolutely loving her products! Her skin looks and feels so beautiful 😍

Amazing Product!

I am so happy that my girls enjoy looking after their skin and it has become a part of their daily routines. The products are just beautiful and their skin feels and smells amazing. They absolutely love using it. Highly recommend!!!

Amazing Products! Won't use any other

Excellent on my little one who has increasingly sensitive skin. Love the entire Petite Skin Co range. Highly recommend the products !!

Awesome for little girls.

My 9yr old daughter loves her new skin routine its time we spend together doing something we both like. This is an awesome idea to start kids young to learn a good cleansing routine πŸ₯°

Amazing on Sensitive Skin

Bewildered and confused I had almost given up on finding something to support my 12-year-old daughters sensitive skin. My daughter is a Dancer she not only performs on stage regularly wearing makeup she trains 6 days a week most days for hours so working up a sweat on her face. I found all the products we had previously trialled to clean her skin post-training and performance, caused her skin to feel itchy and break out in a dry reddish rash around her nose on her eyelids and down the sides of her cheeks When we found Petite Skin Co I was actually excited for her to give it a try due to the beautiful calming ingredients including camellia seed oil, aloe, cucumber and chamomile extract. It was only a matter of days before my daughter experience a complete change in her skin. No longer was her skin dull, reddish and dry instead her skin is full of moisture and to be honest it glows - it really looks nourished. I highly recommend this product to all active young girls and boys.


I brought this for my 10yr old who was starting to show interest in face routines and we love it!!
First thing she does each morning now is pop in her scrunchie, grabs her petite products and heads straight to the bathroom to do her face routine.

Great communication from owners, quick postage and most important for young girls, cute packaging to suit there age group!

I would 100% recommend this product to anyone looking for a simple, chemical free start for there child.


We LOVE the starter kit! From the packaging to the smell to the results, Petite Skin Co has made skin care easy and fun! It smells so beautiful and the final result is soft clean beautiful skin! My daughter wants to use it all the time and it looks super pretty in our bathroom too!!! Love!

Fresher Skin

My daughters skin after less than a week already looks fresher! She absolutely loved the whole experience from ordering to receiving and then opening the lovey package. Would highly recommend this product tailored perfectly to little girls πŸ’

An absolute game changer!

I have recently been introduced to a new skin care range specifically for younger skin types. It has been an absolute game changer. My daughter has loved beginning a skin care regime. As an active 9 year old who dances and often wears makeup this has been a necessary addition to her daily routine. Love the Petite Skin Co. skin care for kids face wash and cleanser.

Amazing Product!!

We gifted the boxed set to our 13 year old daughter for Christmas and for me as her mother it was the best gift I gave her.
It allowed me to have the self care talks I had neglected about skin care (apart from sunscreen) and teach her how to care for her skin with a beautifully presented and wonderful smelling product.
She unluckily had inherited my oily skin and since using this product her skin is no longer oily or pimply, just a wonderful product that makes her feel confident.

My daughter keeps asking me to smell her face!

Both of my children are quite dry, so a moisturiser for us is so important. This one sinks into the skin really nicely and the fragrance is unbelievable! Not too strong, just enough to make it lovely to use. Each night my daughter comes out of the bathroom and says 'Mum! You have to smell my face!'. It's the cutest, I'm so glad to see her enjoying using a face cream.

My six year old twins where intrigued by the beautiful pink box the moment they saw it . They are loving using the products and tell me afterwards β€œmy skin smells so nice mummy, smell me!”

Love & Love

This skincare is our new go-to! Absolutely in love with the cleanser, it makes their skin feel so soft and clean and it’s super easy to use. I’ve found these products to be incredibly gentle on their sensitive skin. I love that I no longer have to remind the girls to look after their skin.

Gorgeous luxe skincare

I have been a beauty therapist and makeup artist for the last 17 years so am fanatical about good skincare. My two girls were very excited to get their starter kit and the scrunching was a really sweet bonus! They use it everyday and love being the same as mum. I think the formula is great and it helped with a couple of dry patches one of the girls had. Also the packaging is super cute and most important easy for kids to use. We will definately be ordering again when we run out

Can't speak highly enough of these beautiful products

I'd been looking for natural products to start my daughter for the longest time. Finally I found something she loves to use that is safe, natural and good for her skin. Highly recommend.