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Make your mornings easier!

Make your mornings easier! - Petite Skin Co.

How are your mornings going? 

If you're like us, you're well and truly back into the swing of school drop off and after school sports, lunch boxes and crazy mornings trying to get everyone out of the house. 

Our daughters are 8 + 10, so we've finally hit an age where the mornings are getting a little bit easier and they can pack their own bags and get themselves dressed. They've even started to do their morning skincare routine without any prompts and brush their own hair! Their growing independence has been beautiful to watch. 

The star of our own children's morning routine has to be our Good Hair Habits Kit. Even though our daughters all have different hair types, ranging from super thick, to thin but coarse to super curly, each of them have been able to maintain their own hair with minimum effort and zero tears. Typically, our girls come down the stairs ready for school dressed, with clean faces and brushed hair - putting their own hair up is the next step! 

Here are some of the reasons our Good Hair Habits Kit is making our school mornings that much easier! 

We use the Petite Skin Co. bag as storage for all hair items. 

From bun nets, to pins and hair ties, keeping all hair related items in one place is a game changer. We designed the bag in this larger size for exactly this purpose and it's great to just grab and go when off to dance class or sport. 

Our Dual-Bristle brush really is the best we've ever used.

While we might be completely biased, we can tell you we tried and tested so many brushes on our own daughters hair before finally getting the combination of shape, bristles and finish right. The brush is so incredibly soft, our daughters refuse to use anything else. 

The Nourishing Detangler has an accumulative effect on the hair. 

Meaning the more you use it, the softer and more manageable their hair becomes. It's light weight enough to use every day without ever weighing down the hair or feeling greasy. We just had a customer tell us it's been a game changer for her daughter that swims. 

We are big believers in finding ways to make the hectic school mornings easier and hope these little tips may help you as much as they've helped us!

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