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How To Establish A Tween Skincare Routine

How To Establish A Tween Skincare Routine - Petite Skin Co.

How to establish a new skincare routine for tweens to build good skin habits. 


They say it takes 21 days to build a new habit and we’re thrilled to be helping children all over the world start their new skincare routines. Consistency and repetition is key when it comes sticking with your new good skin habits, after just a few weeks, the new routine feels natural and automatic. 

But it does take time to get there and the last thing we want is your Petite Skin Co. skincare sitting unused in a cupboard. So we’ve collected a few tips on how we feel will best set your child up for new skincare routine success! 

Involve your child in the ordering process! The Petite Skin Co. experience starts from the moment you place your order. We’ve created a beautiful delivery and unboxing experience for your child and we feel this is a really important introduction to self care. We hope your child feels a wonderful sense of ownership as they unwrap their very own tween skincare products. 


When we created Petite Skin Co. we wanted the products to appeal to your child on all levels, but particularly if they loved the packaging, they were more likely to reach for the products. If parents like the packaging, they’re happy to leave them on display in their bathroom. Having the products in easy reach and on display is a great reminder to do your skincare! 

Use a skin health approach when discussing skincare with your child. We’re very conscious of the way we talk to our children about their skin and always want to keep those conversations positive and not appearance focused. Rather than pointing out pimples or blackheads, discuss the ways they can better care for their skin. Remind them of the importance of wearing sunscreen each day and going to bed with a clean face. Self care is something we want every child to feel good about, regardless of their skin concerns.

Print and use our Good Skin Habits charts. Each skincare kit comes with 60 Good Skin Habits stickers, which means your child can mark off the first 30 days that they complete their skincare routine. The morning stickers always encourage sunscreen application and the evening stickers are to ensure your child always goes to bed with a clean face - our best defence against breakouts! 


Starting to look after your skin is a wonderful milestone for all children. In the years to come, they’ll probably remember this moment and what their first products were! We are so thrilled to be part of this journey with you all!