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Let's Talk About it: Response to Tik Tok Comments

Let's Talk About it: Response to Tik Tok Comments - Petite Skin Co.

In the past two years, we've built an incredible community that truly believe that good skin habits start early. But over that time, we've had many, many critics or parents that don't think that skincare for pre-teens is all that important.

Pre-teens just don't need skincare

Response: Wearing sunscreen 365 days a year is the single most important good skin habit. Did you know that 1-5 of us will develop skin cancer in our lifetime? With many 8-12 year olds going through puberty earlier, we've given parents an alternative to starting their 8 year old on acne treatments.

Just water and a face washer is all they need!

Response: Would you use a toothbrush without toothpaste? A sponge without body wash? Sure you could, you just wouldn't get the full benefit for good dental and body health. We feel the same about skincare. A gentle routine will keep your pre-teens skin healthier.

Using products this young is going to ruin their skin

Response: Using adult and active products can be potentially harmful to young skin. You could damage their delicate skin barrier or get a chemical burn. However dermatologists encourage the use of gentle skincare products that are specifically developed for pre-teens.

Your range is just too expensive

Response: There are skincare brands on the market to suit all budgets. We decided to produce Petite Skin Co. in Australia from the highest quality ingredients and this comes at a higher cost. We also aim to give your child an amazing introduction to self-care with beautiful packaging and an incredible unboxing experience. So, while we may be more expensive than others, we believe our products represent both quality and value.

We are so passionate about what we do here at Petite Skin Co. and with the backing of leading dermatologist, are on a mission to make using skincare just as important as brushing your teeth!