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What is the ideal first skincare routine for 9 to 11 year olds

What is the ideal first skincare routine for 9 to 11 year olds - Petite Skin Co.

In this age group, we have a portion who are looking to solve those first skin concerns and skin changes and a portion whose skin is still quite clear but they are looking to establish a good skin routine so they can get in front of changes still to come.

I like to talk to this age group in terms of improving your overall skin hygiene.  If your skin is cleaner you should have less breakouts.  If you are experiencing breakouts it is about managing the oil flow.  So becoming more regimented with your routine making sure you are cleansing morning and night as well as applying sunscreen throughout the day is going to set you up for clearer and healthier skin.

When it comes to products, the same products still apply for this age group but it is just about doubling down on the routine making sure you are using it every single day to manage the oil flow and keeping the skin clean. 

Cleanser, moisturizer and buffer at night time and then cleanser in the morning and you can apply moisturiser in the morning if you have a drier skin type and sunscreen over the top or you can cleanse and put sunscreen on and you are ready for the day.