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A Skincare Routine for 11 to 13 year olds and beyond

A Skincare Routine for 11 to 13 year olds and beyond - Petite Skin Co.

A Skincare Routine for 11 to 13 year olds and beyond

A fair amount of these pre-teens are going to be experiencing some hormonal changes. 

Breakouts will be everything from quite mild, just the odd pimple here and there, to quite severe hormonal acne.  There is only so much skincare can do for hormonal acne so if you are experiencing that go and see your doctor.

Its also worth mentioning that while I have put hormonal acne in this age group, we have received so many emails from parents of preteens that are experiencing it much younger than this.  So it can occur anywhere from 7 upwards.

If you are experiencing some breakouts I would much rather you introduce some sort of spot treatment to those rather than moving towards an acne specific range that can be just too drying for the rest of your face.  Remember that even though you are experiencing breakouts the rest of your skin is still very delicate and and these acne treatments will obliterate the rest of your skin on your face

If you really want to get into serums, steer more towards hydrating serums or niacinamide and salicylic acid  is great for younger skin breakouts and blackheads but steer clear of anything that is too active or too harsh.

Cleanse morning and night.  Apply moisturiser after cleansing at night.  If you are too oily, you can skip this and go straight to your sunscreen.

Don’t forget to keep exfoliating.  This will help with any blackheads,. Breakouts, dry patches and congestion. 

Add in over night acne treatment, use after your moisturiser at night only. 

Simplest routines are often the most effective.  You can use Petite Skin Co. well into your teens for as long as it is still working for you. 

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