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Have you ever wondered why we teach our children how to brush their teeth and wash their bodies but not take care of the skin on their face?

Children are experiencing skin changes earlier than ever before, we saw it in our own children from around the age of 6. No longer reserved for the teen years, blackheads, bumps, congestion and breakouts are becoming common for many pre-teens aged 7-12. 

Our Dermatologist explains that there’s been a rise in children experiencing pre-puberty, where hormonal changes can cause overproduction of oils leading to breakouts. Implementing a gentle, daily skincare routine is recommended to improve overall skin hygiene, effectively clearing up many of these first skin concerns. 

Even if your pre-teen isn’t experiencing these skin changes, they can still benefit from learning good skin habits, including wearing sunscreen everyday. 1 in 4 of us will experience skin cancer in our lifetime, so this habit isn’t just recommended, it’s a necessity for our skin health. 

Whenever you choose to start your pre-teen on a skincare routine, you can be assured that by choosing Petite Skin Co., you’re choosing quality, natural products that have been specifically formulated for this age group and their skin concerns. 

Petite Skin Co. is trusted by thousands of families all over the world to be their children’s first skincare products.