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Do Pre-Teens Need a Toner?

Do Pre-Teens Need a Toner?

In the world of skincare, toners are often regarded as a staple in adult routines, known for their role in cleansing and preparing the skin to absorb moisturisers or serums.

However, when it comes to pre-teens, the question arises: Do they really need a toner?

At Petite Skin Co., we understand the unique needs of pre-teen skin, which is why we're here to explore whether toners are beneficial for your pre-teens and how to choose the right products that are safe, effective, and specifically designed for their delicate skin.

Understanding Pre-Teen Skin

Pre-teen skin is significantly different from adult skin. As it is still developing, it is more prone to irritation. Due to hormonal changes, the skin may start to produce more oil causing skin changes like blackheads and mild acne. This is the ideal time to teach good skincare habits to pave the way for healthy skin.

The Role of a Toner in Skincare

Traditionally, toners were used to restore the skin’s pH balance to remove the residue of harsh soap. With Petite Skin Co.'s range of gentle cleansers, this step is no longer necessary.  The deep pore cleansing actions of toners the adults need are of no benefit to pre-teens.  Bombarding pre-teen skin with products that aren't suitable or made for them is a recipe for disaster and at best makes these products redundant or at worst harmful to young, developing skin.  

Do Pre-Teens Need a Toner?

The short answer is no.

Pre-teen skin only needs a 3 step routine:

If your pre-teen does decide to go against the advice of dermatologists and use a toner when not recommended, if their skin changes are cause by dryness, the alcohol in toners will dry the skin out even more and make skin concerns like acne worse.  

The ultimate goal is to have balanced skin and lathering your face in alcohol is not the right approach.  Focusing on soothing the skin is a more balanced approach.

By choosing the right products and teaching them how to use them correctly, parents can help their children maintain healthy skin and develop good skincare habits that last a lifetime.

At Petite Skin Co., we are committed to providing the best skincare solutions for pre-teens, designed to address their unique needs while ensuring safety and efficacy. By focusing on natural, gentle ingredients, we help parents feel confident that they are providing their children with the best care possible, paving the way for a future of healthy, beautiful skin.

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